👋 quick update on Newsletter Stack

Hi everyone,

Patricia, co-creator of Newsletter Stack, here! 👋 Thank you so much for subscribing to Newsletter Stack. I hope the resource has proved useful to you over the past couple of months since launch.

Admittedly, we have not had much time to share updates through this newsletter due to the nature of balancing full-time jobs and the ever-evolving surprises of 2020.

But! I’ve still been fervently thinking about how to improve the newsletter discovery and reading experience 🤔💡

I finally got a chance to do that this past weekend via the On Deck hacakthon - a start-up fellowship i’m a part of. The core problem we were trying to solve was this:

E-mail was not built for reading newsletters

Thus, the team and I built, FlowBox- The Marie Kondo for newsletters.

Here’s some core features:

  • We use natural language processing to summarize your newsletters so you can swipe right "to read" and swipe left to "archive" - like Tinder 

  • A minimal newsletter reader and a newsletter subscription mgmt tool where you can 1-click unsubscribe.

  • In the future we're planning on building social, discovery, and a recommendation engine based off your reading history.

I'm soft launching our beta priority waitlist to this audience first because naturally we are all newsletter lovers and deserve better.

It would mean the world to me if you signed-up for the waitlist and also shared some thoughts on your painpoints as a newsletter reader in the follow-up survey link.

Stay healthy and safe 😊,